Why Do We Need Health Care Reform?


That is the question a lot of Americans are asking. In case you live under a rock, President Obama wants to have universal health care for all Americans! Many people are opposing this but for what reason?

One argument is that taxes are going to be increased for everyone. Actually the tax raise is for people with higher incomes above $250k a year. I think that is fair instead of including people who can’t afford it.

Another argument I heard is that universal health care will pay for medical treatments of illegal aliens. However, medical treatment will remain the same for illegal immigrants, it is provided by Medicaid.

The next one I heard is that the government will control when and where you can receive treatment. The fact is that we would still be able to choose our own doctors under this new plan.

A huge argument is that universal health care = Socialism. This can and has been debate numerous times. The United States is the only industrialized country that does not use universal health care. The countries that use universal health care, such as Canada and England, are not Socialist countries! These countries use what is called a single payer health care. The U.S. currently uses single payer health care in Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE. So if single payer health care is so bad, let’s remove it across the board.

So far I haven’t heard a down side to promoting universal health care besides the tax increase. We currently pay health care for elderly people, low income families, and people in the military. Although adding everyone else may seem like it will cost more money, in the long run, we will actually save money. We all just need to think about it and look at both sides before we decide what is best for the country.


~ by sdot87 on August 18, 2009.

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