College: Living At Home Versus Living In A Dorm


Fall semester is about to begin and I am sure that if you are in college, your living arrangements have been set. Personally, I struggled trying figure out where to live for my first year at a university.

I wanted to live closer but because of my finances, I had to stay home. If you can afford it, living closer to school is the way to go! There are many benefits but the best reasons are because of the quick access to the school’s library, and being able to walk to class. The down side is being distracted by other students. Although I am not sure if it is true for all places, but my school is known around the country as “the party school.”

Now I am dreading having to live at home while attending school. I want to have a social life and meet new people at school, but living with my parents is not going to be easy.  Also having to commute every day is going to burn gas every week. I would have to leave atleast two hours before my class starts in order to find a parking spot which is very limited.

So which is better? I can save money by not paying for an apartment but the money I save will be eaten by gas! However, I can still get free food and sheltor while I live at home… but at what costs? I can’t answer that now, but I will update as my semester starts. To my fellow students, Happy Studying!


~ by sdot87 on August 18, 2009.

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