I Feel Like Sushi Tonight!

sushi sushi

Okay, so I am a new sushi eater and I am hooked! It all started on a first day with a guy who used to live in Japan. Luckily, my guy and I are still together going strong! (Thank you, Jesus!) So I get excited when he takes me out for sushi. My favorite stuff is yellowtail sashimi and anything covered in Unagi sauce! What I hate about going to a sushi restaurant is the chopsticks. I struggle with trying to pick up my food with those things. It’s sad that I am so embarrassed to eat without chopsticks. I try the best I can to pick up those rolls and it often ends in a fail. My guy feels sorry for me so he actually feeds me the sushi if can’t feed myself. Now that is love!

Even though I am inexperienced I still have some tips:

1.  When you mix the Wasabi and soy sauce for dipping, make sure that there aren’t any Wasabi chunks left in the soy sauce. You will be in for a rude awakening if you don’t know how strong that stuff is!

2.  If you are going to try sushi for the first time, try to go with someone who has some knowledge about this cuisine. The reasoning is not only so you wont look like a fool, but also for safety. There are some rolls that don’t need Wasabi but the ones that do can make you sick if you don’t eat them right.

3.  Visit different places until you find the one you like. And when you do find the perfect sushi place, you will find that you will quickly make friend’s with the owner, and that has a lot of perks!

4.  Don’t overdip your sushi! That can ruin the flavor of the food.

And Lastly…

5.  Less is more. That goes for a lot of things. Use small amount of Wasabi, only have the least amount of ginger at a time, and don’t order a bunch of rolls at once. You can always order more at anytime!

I hope this helps in some way! Happy Eating!


~ by sdot87 on July 21, 2009.

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