Why Do We Need Health Care Reform?

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That is the question a lot of Americans are asking. In case you live under a rock, President Obama wants to have universal health care for all Americans! Many people are opposing this but for what reason?

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College: Living At Home Versus Living In A Dorm

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Fall semester is about to begin and I am sure that if you are in college, your living arrangements have been set. Personally, I struggled trying figure out where to live for my first year at a university.

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30 Day Challenge? No Thanks!

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the EA Sports Active workout. I burn calories, I sweat, I feel the burn! But doing the 30 Day Challenge they offer did not work for me, personally. I think I struggled with the “rest days.” And some of the workouts were too easy and then other days were killer. In the end I didn’t lose any weight and that was a downer. I still think the Sports Active is great, I just need to use it to my own advantage.

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I Feel Like Sushi Tonight!

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sushi sushi

Okay, so I am a new sushi eater and I am hooked! It all started on a first day with a guy who used to live in Japan. Luckily, my guy and I are still together going strong! (Thank you, Jesus!) So I get excited when he takes me out for sushi. My favorite stuff is yellowtail sashimi and anything covered in Unagi sauce! What I hate about going to a sushi restaurant is the chopsticks. I struggle with trying to pick up my food with those things. It’s sad that I am so embarrassed to eat without chopsticks. I try the best I can to pick up those rolls and it often ends in a fail. My guy feels sorry for me so he actually feeds me the sushi if can’t feed myself. Now that is love!

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Wow Twitter In Real Life!

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This guy from collegehumor.com is my hero! I honestly don’t care for Twitter but I use it for website purposes. But sometimes people post the dumbest stuff on there! No one cares what song you are listening to or what you are eating for dinner. Unless I’m being invited, I could care less! Seriously, imagine if Twitter was in real life or even youtube? Oh let’s not go there!

Chris Brown Is Sorry!

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Today, video was released of Chris Brown apologizing for what he did to Rihanna. The verdict is still out! Do you forgive Chris Brown? And do you think he will be able to achieve the fame he had before the incident? Am I the only one who hates the salmon colored shirt he is wearing?

Well Hello! Welcome to My Blog!

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Thank you for arriving to my new blog. If you came here in error, thankk you anyways. I hope one day that you will find something worth reading next time you come here. This is Must Be The Chocolate because chocolate is the reason I do anything in life. Well, not exactly, but it sounds catchy, don’t it? Anyway, please bookmark and check back for new stuff as we grow! Thank you, come again!

And if you don’t get the reference, then you must meet Brenda Dickson!